Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Vampire look - Tutorial.

Hey you lovely people,

Got another look for the bestest damn holiday of the year!

Today its a Vampire look, I did two versions of the lips - a creepier more 'authentic' look and a more attractive vampy lip.

Here's the finished product...

And here is how we get there...

Firstly put in your creepy contacts, I did have some red ones, but I think they had shrunk because when I put them in they hurt like a bitch. So instead I put in some grey ones that I got for my Halloween costume (revealed soon I hope). You really want to do this before the make up, because afterwards would be a lot trickier and you run the risk of getting make up in your eye, or them watering so much you ruin the look.

So once that is done you put on very pale foundation, I used a mix of Glominerals Liquid in Fair and L'Oreal Infallible in Porcelain, this needs to cover your lips and be blended down the neck (and chest - depending on how much flesh you're showing), you should now look something like this -

Gorgeous I know.... :o/

Then use a matte black eye shadow (or pencil) to fill in your brows -

Now you might be tempted to leave it at this... because lets face it, its a good look, but please press on.

Now put a primer on your lid (I'm using Elf's), then a deep red shadow as a base all around the eye (Sugarpill - Love+) - 

Then on the inner corner and half of the lid put a slightly lighter shimmery red (Lime Crime - Siren), and a darker shimmery Rust/coppery/burgundy red to the outer half (Glamour Doll Eyes - Lovers Lane).

Then blend out the edges and the seam between the two colours, then add a black in a < (sideways V) shape on the outer corner from the lid to the socket line and blend well. Also take a little black under the lower lashes on the outer corner. Highlight your brow bone with a gold flecked white (Ruby and Millie Metallic Power in white).

Then line your eyes in black (Gel, Pen, Cake - whatever you fancy). Line your waterline with a red pencil.

After that take a little matte black and contour your face (the hollows of your cheeks, under your jawline and temples). Then using more of the black contour both sides of your nose, sweeping it under your eyes to create a gaunt ill look - blend all this out ridiculously well.

Now sweep a deep red blush across the tops of your cheek bones (don't take it all the way across your cheeks, we just want it to look like a mild flush of colour from a recent feed), blend this well and into your hair line (Sleek - Fenberry).

Now take a red lip stain (DuWop Twilight Venom) and put it only on the inside seal of your lips (where they meet), making sure to leave the outside pale. This maintains the illusion you are very pale/dead, but makes it look like you still have traces of someone else's blood on your lips.

Then put your false lashes on (Generic eBay purchase) and set the whole thing with a translucent powder (preferably white, preferably HD - mine was Elf's HD) and it should look something like this -

Then if you're me you'll have to pop a wig on, then some creature of the night appropriate clothes - 

Forgive all the crap on my mirror :-/

Pop your fangs in -

And this is the end result -

You can chose to have a different lip if you'd rather look more attractive than freshly fed, I forgot to photograph the stages, but its easy peasy -

First line your entire lip with a red pencil, then the outer two thirds with a burgundy pencil, then the outer third with a little black, blend these well. then repeat the process with the same coloured lipsticks (all matte looks the best in my opinion, but if you want glossy, go for it!). I used Ruby and Millie 420M red in the centre, Kate by Rimmel No.7 and a touch of Sleek Cranberry on outer thirds and Mac Black Knight on the very outer corners.

Then it looks like this -

Then just take loads of pictures and put lots of cool vampy effects on them, like so -

I hope you enjoyed this mammoth post, sorry about all the photos where I have my gob open, I was trying to get the fangs in shot, but they weren't big enough.

Let me know if you try it out, doesn't have to be for Halloween, because I'd actually where this out :-)

Much Love xxxx

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