Monday, 22 October 2012

Pink Gradient With Glitter - Nail Tutorial.


Today I'm showing you how to do this nail look -

This is probably common sense, but just in case - let your nails dry between each step/coat.

Start with clean, well kept nails (I may do a step by step on how I prepare mine in the future, if anyone is interested). Then apply a basecoat, I'm using Orly's Nail Defense, then a coat of a light translucent pink (the kind used for French manicures) I'm using Kiko 207 French Pink. If you have nice healthy nails you could skip this part (as I did with the green version at the end of the post), but if you paint your nails often and they are a little bit stained, this step evens out the colour.

Then take a damp make up sponge - 

...and paint a little of the dark pink polish (or whatever colour you like really) onto it and sponge it on to the top half of the nails.

Repeat that step again on the top third of the nails - 


You can repeat that step till you get your desired effect (or cheat like me and then paint on the nail tip). Till they look something like this - 

Then take your glitter polish, I am using NYX Super Funk and apply (I used two coats, but I suppose it depends on the polish you're using and the glitter density). Try to spread the glitter out so you have a good coverage, then finish with top coat, I used Seche Vite. They should now look something like this - 

And here is the stuff I used - 

This is the look in green, using Orly's Fresh and Nyx Enchanted Forest (Forgive the pictures, they were taken on my phone) - 

Hope you found this helpful and you enjoy the results. I'll be posting new colours and occasionally some funky nail looks, but if you want lots more, check out my friend Jodi's Blog - - she is great and spends far more money on a greater range of polishes than I.

Coming up soon, another Halloween look, here's a hint - 

Much Love xx

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