Monday, 24 June 2013

Triumphant Return...

Hello Ladies and Gents

I am back... YAY!

*Deafening cheers full of pure elation echo around each and every continent*(Yes even Antarctica - those penguins can’t get enough of my shizzzz).

So I know I have been extremely neglectful of a blog that was in its infancy, but life got in the way. I was in my last year of university (just finished and am waiting with baited breath for my results) and it all just got a little manic and the blog just got left behind. But I am all done now and (until I find myself a job) - unemployed..... L


(To the tune of Alicia Keys in case anyone was wondering).

So hopefully I will be updating this little beauty at least once a week from now on. Coming up will be a post about my first ever visit to IMATS (how terribly exciting!), probably lots of reviews on the delightful things I bought there, maybe some hair dye reviews and the usual mix of beauty posts (she says like this blog has been successfully putting out solid gold for years...).

Adios amigos xxx

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